Explore Snohomish: A Treasure Trove of Fun and Adventures

Explore Snohomish: A Treasure Trove of Fun and Adventures

Snohomish is a charming town that offers many fun activities and delicious dining options. It is famous for its antique shops, where you can find old and fascinating items from different eras. In this Blog, we will introduce you to some of the hidden gems that make Snohomish a great place to visit:

One of the oldest bars in Snohomish is The Oxford Saloon, which dates back to 1910. It features live music and spooky tales, as some visitors claim to have encountered ghosts of former residents. It also serves as a restaurant, offering dishes such as burgers, mac and cheese, and steak. 


If you are looking for a cozy place that serves homemade food, you might want to try The Cabbage Patch Restaurant. It offers dishes such as soup and pie, made with fresh ingredients and love. The restaurant has been a part of Snohomish’s community since 1975 and it is located in the historic downtown area, where you can also enjoy browsing through the antique shops.


The Antique Warehouse is a big shop that has many collectables. You can find things like furniture, paintings, toys and more. Some of these things are very rare and special. The shop has been selling antiques for a long time, since the 1970s. It also has a lot of comic books that you might like to read.


The Snohomish Aquatic Center is a spacious pool that features slides, waves, and a lazy river. It also boasts a FlowRider that generates waves that you can surf on. It also offers a Floating Wibit that you can ascend on and leap off of and it also provides a dive area, where you can hone your diving skills as well. They have a hot tub and a spray-play area, where you can unwind and have fun.


The Snohomish Farmers Market is a place where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and crafts from local farmers and artists. It takes place every Thursday from 3 P.M. to 7 P.M. from May to September. 

Some of the vendors that you can find at the market include (our top five):

  • Biringer Farm
  • Finnriver Farm & Cidery
  • Lopez Island Creamery
  • Pete’s Perfect Toffee
  • Snohomish Bakery

There are over 80 vendors at the Snohomish Farmers Market. You will have to visit the place to find out about the others. For more hidden gems in Snohomish, check out this article by Jeff Totey at seattlerefined.com

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